5 Missing Guest Football Players In Germany – UPDATE!. Exclusive Interview With Chief Tala Awolola

By Dayo June 30, 2014 21:40

5 Missing Guest Football Players In Germany – UPDATE!. Exclusive Interview With Chief Tala Awolola

Ketekete.com had an exclusive interview with Chief Tala Awolola about the disappearance of his five guest football players in Germany, a day before their flight back home to Nigeria. Chief Tala Awolola is the founder of Moje Queens football club of Erin-Ile, Kwara State, Nigeria.

According to Chief Tala, the girls will always be welcome in his club. He is as confused as everyone else and has no clear idea why the girls acted in such a childish way. Its not their first time to come and play football in Germany, and he believes it’s also not going to be their last time.

They are very good girls, very hard working, skillful football players, and will always put in their best games to make sure their team wins. They also have hobbies and passion for other things apart from football, such as singing and dancing.” – Chief Tala.

When asked what he thinks could be the cause of their disappearance, Chief Tala said he cannot think of any reason why the girls would disappear a day before their flight back home, perhaps they were worried about the chances of them coming back to Germany again.

Moje Queens football club from Nigeria, guest players in Germany


“I pray they are safe and sound, I am very worried about them. They are strangers in Germany. I think they are worried about the financial difficulties the club is facing in terms of bringing players to Germany to showcase their football talents, and perhaps also the cost of their flight tickets to and fro, and other expenses such as accommodation and so on, also if they would ever be signed by a professional German football club. The list goes on and on.

If you girls are reading this post, please I want you to know that you have not offended me in any ways, and their is always a place for you girls in the team. All the promises about your future that I, your friends, and host families have made will be kept.

  • The German Embassy to Nigeria: The German embassy in Nigeria is also aware of their disappearance and also said its not the first time they were informed of such disappearances. The embassy said all the girls need to do is show up in time so that the mistake can be corrected in time, and their future applications to any European Union country wont be affected.
  • I have contacted all my friends in Germany and Nigeria, and also the host families to let them know what’s going on. They are all ready to help physically and financially to make sure the girls are back on their feet.

Moje Queens football club from Nigeria, guest players in Germany at TuS Bremen

Please please and please come out from wherever you are hiding, lets us all help you before it would be too late. Please think about your team mates that are still in Nigeria, think about the negative effect this may cause the entire team. Think about what we have all been through to get to this wonderful stage. Please come out, give us a chance to keep doing the good work we all started years ago….Please…


Dear readers, please help us share the post until these girls are found in peace. We welcome any comment or suggestion on how we can find the girls faster. To be continued in the next post.

Contact: contact@ketekete.com, Ketekete on Facebook, Chief Tala Awolola: +49 160 9706 1861.

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Photos from: TuS Komet Arsten 1. Frauenfussballmannschaft




By Dayo June 30, 2014 21:40

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