8 top tips in making rejection work for you

By Ketekete April 24, 2015 17:02

8 top tips in making rejection work for you

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After his tech start-up was declined investment, Jiang decided to confront his fear of rejection head-on. This led to his writing his book called Rejection Proof, part self-help and part motivational/autobiography, which is being released this week.

Below are 8 top tips Jiang believes can make rejection work for you:

1 – The fear of rejection holds us back a lot more than actual rejection. By putting ourselves out there, the world will usually open itself up to you. Though the world can seem cruel and cold, actually humans have a hard time saying no. So open yourself up, don’t be afraid to ask for something. If you fail, remember it’s not about you.

2 – Rejection is more or less a numbers game. Sometimes the most far-fetched idea gets a yes. If you talk to enough people, somebody will say yes to you. J.K. Rowling went through 12 rejections to get her yes for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

3 – You cannot use rejection to measure the merit of an idea. Sometimes if you really want to change the world, getting rejection is a must. Rejection is a human interaction with two sides. It often says more about the rejector than the rejectee, and should never be used as the universal truth and sole judgment of merit.

4 – Don’t run away after a no. The most common thing we do when we’re rejected is we want to run because rejection is painful – you’re hurt, angry and you lose confidence. But actually if we know how to handle it, we can often minimize the chance of rejection. Be confident, engaging, collaborate. I used all of these traits to maximise getting a yes.

5 – Ask why? When you get rejected you have to find out why. Then spend time to find solutions to solve that why. Sometimes through this process you learn there is something else you can ask for. Ask for an intermediate position rather than the top position.

6 – Set a number of how many no’s you can take. In his book, Jiang helps his wife set out to get her dream job at Google. He tells her that instead of thinking about getting a job, she needs to prepare herself for how many no’s she can take. In the end, she was offered a job at Google.

7 – Be invincible. By the end of his project, Jiang said he felt he could ask anything from anyone and not have the pain of rejection. It was a gradual process – gradually my comfort zone expanded. It’s like a muscle, I could become stronger and stronger.

8 – Stand tall and remember rejection is an opinion. People are who they are. A lot of people will reject you because of their mood, their education, their upbringing, and you can’t change who they are. But you can stand confidently. Innate confidence comes across.



By Ketekete April 24, 2015 17:02

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