Free Weekly Telephone Recharge Cards For All Members

By Ketekete October 27, 2014 18:46

Free Weekly Telephone Recharge Cards For All Members

Dear active members, thank you for choosing us over other websites. We are very happy to have you.

The Good News

We are giving back. For the immeasurable support you give to this forum every day, we have decided to be supporting our most active loyal members on a weekly basis with free telephone recharge cards starting from as little as 100 Naira to 10,000 Naira worth of recharge card per member.

How To Win


In order to win as little as 100 Nigerian Naira,

1) You have to invite a minimum of 1 new member per week (tell the new member to notify you as the referrer, don’t create fake accounts please else you will be disqualifies for life.)
2) You have to make a minimum of 1 post per day (Reasonable forum post related to what the forum is about)
3) You have to make a minimum of 1 comment per day (Reasonable comments related to the post you are making it on)
4) New members go to this forum and introduce yourself:

Only the top 4 loyal/active members that are able to pass the TO DO LIST above will be rewarded every weekend. Please get familiar with the website, and feel free to use the HELP section of the forum to ask any question.


The contest will be reset every Sunday (Sunday is a contest free day), The contest starts on Monday and ends on Friday. Winners will be announce on Saturday and reward on the following Monday.

BONUS – How To Earn Cash
Since we are a young dynamic team, we will always need new team members and our most Active members will always be the first applicants. Plus if you are able to accumulate 2000 Naira and above “e.g. after winning 4 weeks on a role and you ask us to keep it for you”, we can transfer the money to you in cash instead of rewarding you with recharge cards worth your prize.

Have fun and don’t forget that this is just a way to give back, its not what we are all about. Win as much as you can.. Get Ready, GOoooo

PS: This post is meant for only our Nigerian based active members. If what you are looking for is a get rich quick scheme, then this post is not for you.



By Ketekete October 27, 2014 18:46
  • Tolani

    I like what you guys are doing. Most website don’t care about the readers yet they have millions of user.

    • Tolani

      The fact that you guys even initiated a Give Back program is a big win. Kudos

  • Chika Uzo

    Considering the huge hours I spend on other website, this should be an easy task.

  • Dorcas

    so delightful to be here

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