Freimarkt in Bremen

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Freimarkt in Bremen

Freimarkt in Bremen

The Bremen Free Market popularly known as “Freimarkt Bremen” has been in existence since almost 1000 years. It is said to be the most visited funfair free market in Germany which attracts approximately 4 “four” million visitors from near and far far away.  The events is celebrated every last two weeks of October. no other funfair offers visitors so many attractions as the Bremer Freimarkt. About 50 fairground rides provide some tingling moments for young and old. Such an exciting celebration occurs only in Bremen at the Freimarkt. Every year since 1035, the city of Bremen celebrates these market rights and maintains one of the longest funfair traditions in Germany.



Get into one of the crazy roller coasters and feel the world turning upside down. Whirl through the air. Ferries or a ghost train?. The Freimarkt provides over 300 showmen on 100.000 square meters of space with their stalls and rides for entertainment. If a leisure stroll is what you prefer, then Bremen Market square is your destibation.

On the “Freimarkt”, visitors are up for a wonderful discovery. Deep-frying dough, hot almonds and spicy liquorices attract one to the lovely stalls built by old paragons. When the bell rings to start a ride on a carousels of nostalgia, it gives you a sentiment of the olden days, it will spark up your life. Back in the days, in the market town of 1382, retailers offered their goods, the blacksmiths lit fires openly, glassblowers and stonemasons demonstrated their crafts while jugglers and singers told about the beginnings.


Information about the Freimarkt Bremen

  • Location: Bremen Bürgerweide (Messe Bremen)
    just behind the main railway station (North Exit)
  • Location: little Freimarkt at the marketplace of Bremen (city center)
  • Location: historical market around Liebfrauenkirche. (Innenstadt)
  • Duration: 17 days every year in October
  • Area is over 100.000 square meters at two locations
  • Visitors: Approximately 4 Million visitors every year



  • Small opening at the marketplace of Bremen
  • Grand opening in the Bayern-Zelt
  • Firework at the opening
  • Lareg Freimarkt parade
  • Oldie-Night at the Bremer Freimarkt
  • Day for disabled people in the Bayern-Zelt
  • Seniors afternoon in the Bayern-Zelt
  • Photo point at the Bremer Freimarkt
  • Midnight mass



FREIMARKT – history of one the oldest funfairs in Germany

The “Freimarkt” – free market – is one of the oldest funfairs in Germany. In 888, King Arnulf handed over a document to the archbishop of Bremen conferring on Bremen the prerogative of coinage, the market rights and the right to levy tolls. The foundation charter of the emperor Conrad II dating from the year 1025 is the confirmation of a recognized right in 966 to hold a market in Bremen.



In these documents from 888 and 966 no precise dates are mentioned for holding the market – this happens only later in 1035 when the document was updated – it mentions exactly the 16th October 1035. The original document of 888 is kept in the archives at Stade: a photo of it with detailed explanations is kept in Bremen Cathedral Museum in the department of “History of the diocese of St. Rimbert”. Since that memorable autumn day, the city had the permission to hold the market twice a year on the churchyard. Without any restrictions and regardless of the local guilds, small traders and wayfarers could now sell their goods – this was a newly founded economic independence, until today remembered in connection with its name “Freimarkt”.

After 1035 every following emperor has regularly renewed this fair privilege. Francis II. was the last to give such permission to the Bremen merchants in 1793. After that the hanseatic merchants decided on their own whether and on what date they wanted to hold market – and they continued this practically always.

From free market to fun fair!

At first mainly grocers and wayfarers offered their goods at the Freimarkt. Their businesses was most flourishing in autumn at harvest time when many of the farmers came into the city to make their purchases for the winter.

The market bustle was exciting and colorful with the arrival of the travelling people. Travelling entertainers, minstrels, jugglers, fortune tellers, clowns and market criers offered a dazzling world of superlatives: the finest cloth, the finest spices, the coarsest obscenities – and of course the latest gossip from the world beyond the city and country’s frontiers was represented here. Here you could, for a few pennies, absorb the scent of adventure from the world. Since the 17th century an increasing number of exotic animals could be purchased: domesticated bears, dromedaries and monkeys, up to the predator-menagerie of the entrepreneur Amigoni in 1810. From the 17th up to the 19th century exhibiting human beings in all their bizarreness became very popular: on the Freimarkt you could see “Hottentots” from Africa (1687), the “little Mademoiselle” of 68 cm (1799), “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Company” (1890) and the whole hairy body “Lionel lion Man” (1938).

Despite all these showmen and travelling people the Freimarkt remained mainly a market of products for sale. Only at the beginning of the last century, the image changed to what we now imagine under the word “funfair”: such as stalls, tents and rides created a festival of fun and enjoyment. In 1809 the first showman appeared with a roundabout. The audience was enthusiastic about the wooden horses turning in a circle, driven by human power.


after the middle of the 19th century, the first railway lines were opened, the Bremer Freimarkt enjoyed a considerable uprise with continuous new attractions: 1847 inspired the “ring the bell” and especially since 1870 the workers and the organ-grinders were the life and soul of the party, since 1881 the swing boat rocked on the fairgrounds and since 1890 also the mountain and descent carousel was a center for young people to come together. The fair got very popular among the young generation, because during the entire Freimarkt time till 1875 there were no afternoon classes in any school.

The market area has grown more and more over the centuries and spread out to the Domshof, the Town Hall Square and the Domsheide – right up to the station square, the Rembertiviertel (1862) and the Hohenlohe Street (1898). Due to the increase of buildings in the historic city center, the areas for the Freimarkt where continuously reduced, and the Freimarkt was moved over to the Teerhof and into the Neustadt (New Town) (1890).

The Neustadt (Grünenkamp, Hohentor) became more and more the center of the Freimarkt. Until the year of 1933 the Freimarkt took place only in the Neustadt, and then in 1935 it moved over to the Bürgerweide. Since that time the Freimarkt takes place on a fairground right in the heart of the city, the Bürgerweide.

In the 19th century, stalls with honey cake and cotton candy became more popular. You can buy the famous Schmalzkuchen since 1847. Half century later, the fish stalls became popular with the smoked eel: 1906 the Bremer butcher William Keunecke roasted the first “Rostbratwurst” on an open fire.

After the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, the folk festival was admitted only once again –
and only as a “little town of wooden Stalls” on the Domshof.
In 1948 the marketeers invited again people to join the first provisional festival of peace – the “Freimarkt”.

Freimarkt today: larger , higher, more exciting!

Freimarkt in Bremen Photos and videos Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen DSC_0311 Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen Photos of Freimarkt in Bremen DSC_0324 DSC_0326 DSC_0327 DSC_0328 DSC_0329 DSC_0388 DSC_0390 DSC_0392 DSC_0399 DSC_0402 DSC_0403 DSC_0406 DSC_0407 DSC_0410 DSC_0413 DSC_0420 DSC_0424 DSC_04077

In the meanwhile the Freimarkt is one of the most popular and modern  funfairs in Germany. More than four million visitors  from near and far come into the town every year. Covering an area of 100.000 square meters, 350 fairground showmen are offering a festival of superlatives: you will find that the roller coasters are a really exciting. There is no other festival in Germany that offers so many funfair rides as the Freimarkt. During the entire 17 days all off times for pubs are canceled. Cotton candy and smoked eel, light cascades and thrilling events and staggering parties: the “cool Bremen” has fallen into a state of extasy: “Ischa Freimaak!”




By Dayo October 18, 2013 16:13

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