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Are you looking for an apartment, room, flat, or accommodation for students in Germany?, then kindly read on.


by: Ojo Ayokunnumi

Everyone in life must at a time answer the question where do I want to live, raise my family and maybe also work. Has simple as this seems, the answer is so rigorous and sometimes becomes a puzzle to be solved.

Ausländer (foreigners) at times don’t seems to care about what lies ahead of them especially, since they probably leave the  so called “Green Pasture” for the believed or supposed Greener Pasture”, it is then assumed that wherever they’ve got to leave is or must always be better, this fact I don’t want to dispute. In my few years of living I have always sort to define or give myself a form or model of what my dream abode would look like and this for a longtime has formed my own definition of what is accommodation.

HOW TO FIND STUDENTS' ACCOMMODATION IN GERMANY1 Several person also have defined accommodation like I have done in the past owning to their view/perspective of what accommodation should be. The Concise Oxford Dictionary (11th edition) defines it; as a room, building, or space in which someone may live or stay, this definition keeps it very simple and answers some very basic fundamental questions minding the words room, building and space. Anyway this edition of the subject matter is dedicated to students and therefore major writings will be focused on how to finding students’ accommodation.

Students in Germany either live in a student hall of residence or a private accommodation. It is very wise to start the search for an accommodation or even got one before you arrive in Germany. You’ll most likely have to find a place to live on your own, because in contrast to other countries, German universities do not automatically assign rooms to students when they enrol. Depending on where you study and what your financial situation is like, it may not be easy to find accommodation. Therefore, start looking as early as possible – ideally before you arrive in Germany.



Student residences are the cheapest accommodation option for students. Different arrangements are available – for example, rooms in shared accommodation or apartments. Rent depends on the furnishings, location and size of the room. Students pay an average of 240 euros per month for a room. Over 40 percent of international students in Germany live in student residences. They appreciate the low costs as well as the opportunity to get to know other students. Anyone wanting to register for a room in a residence should contact the student union on their campus directly. The student union website provide information on the places available, registration dates and conditions

There are several student halls of residence in every university town. A room in a residence hall is frequently the most affordable accommodation you will find. However, at some universities, rooms in student residence halls are in high demand. But if you apply early enough, you have good chances of getting a room. You should apply as soon as you receive your notification of admission from your German university. The applications are processed by the Studentenwerk (Student Services Organisation), which is responsible for operating the residence halls and allocating rooms. The Accommodation Finder is a very helpful tool for finding information about various student residences in your university town. With just a few clicks, you can submit an application to the Studentenwerk for a room in a residence hall. At some universities, the International Office is responsible for allocating rooms in student halls of residence. If this is true in your case, inquire at the International Office about how best to obtain a room in a residence hall.



If you don’t want to move into a residence, you will need to have a look at the free housing market. Like elsewhere in the world, private accommodations can vary enormously. In Germany you will find everything from empty rooms to fully furnished flats on the market. You can rent a room or an entire flat. There are also rooms available in shared flats.

Shared accommodation is the most popular form of accommodation in this respect; over 30 percent of students in Germany live in shared accommodation. The principle is simple: several individuals share an apartment. Everyone has their own room, while the kitchen and bathroom are shared. Costs, such as the rent, power and the Internet, are shared. A room in shared accommodation is more expensive than in a student residence, but is still quite cheap. Students pay an average of 280 euros a month for shared accommodation.

Usually you can only sign a rental contract for a room or apartment in person. In other words, you probably won’t be able to rent a private room until you arrive in Germany and meet the landlord. Nevertheless, you can start looking via Internet and possibly set up appointments to view the flats when you arrive.

The internet has numerous platforms that can help you find rooms. These include:



If you prefer to live alone, you can also choose to rent your own apartment. This is the most comfortable, but also the most expensive form of accommodation. They cost students an average of 357 euros per month. Those looking for an apartment can use the same options covered in the shared accommodation section. But specialized websites are also available, such as and It is also worth buying local newspapers on Wednesdays and Saturdays and reading the advertisements for accommodation. Particularly older landlords use newspapers to rent out their apartments. It may also be helpful to place your own request in a newspaper instead of just responding to advertisements.


You don’t have a place to stay when you arrive in Germany? Then you should clarify where you’re going to stay in the first few nights. There are several options which the International Office can tell you more about. At some universities, the Studentenwerk and religious university organisations offer international students temporary housing for their first nights in Germany. Of course, you can always stay at a hotel, guest house (Pension) or a youth hostel. If you want to take a room at a youth hostel, you have to be a member in a national association of the International Youth Hostel Federation. If you’re not already, you can become a member (for a small fee) at any youth hostel in Germany.  Offers can be found  at and Maybe someone also has a couch free for a couple of days. You can find more information at



Accommodation prices are determined by the size of the house/room which is measured in square metres (Quadratmeter – qm). In rooftop units, floor spaces where the ceiling is between 1 and 2 metres high are only counted at 50 per cent, so the actual size might appear a lot bigger than you thought.

Information about housing in Germany:

Housing in Germany is either let unfurnished, partly furnished, or fully furnished. Unfurnished accommodation is the most common and it really is “unfurnished”, i.e. without lamps, curtains, or any kitchen equipment. Moving into your first German apartment can be quite a shock: not only are you supposed to supply your own light fittings, but you will literally have to buy and install everything from the washing machine to the kitchen sink. Since this isn’t exactly cheap, you should allow extra in your budget to get established. A furnished kitchen is usually mentioned separately in advertisements. For student I will recommend a furnished apartment, this is because peradventure such student is visiting the country for the first time it may be challenging to start almost immediately with the thought of buying house furniture and other house necessities coupled with the fact that only few information is available at such person’s disposal on arrival as to our and where this can be purchased at their best prices. Finished apartments may not be as expensive as you may have thought it be to, the prices of furnished accommodation depending on the state of the furniture, but trust me on comparison the difference is not so much and it is affordable.

If eventually you have rented an unfurnished apartment, then it is fine, there is also a very easy way out of the supposed expense. In Germany  there exist a culture of “Give Away” people make use of this medium to dispose off some of their properties which they don’t need any more, this property are still very good sometimes as good as new they give this thing away may be because they want to change their apartment and the new house has same stuff or something better, sometimes they have purchased the latest version of that same stuff, in any case many reasons may lead to giving out personal belongings.

Several means exist by which one can access or get the giveaway properties; firstly which is the seemly easiest and the most uncertain; ( it is uncertain in the sense that you don’t know when and where you will find one and what you find) properties to be given away  are kept outside the compound of the owner of such properties for a few days, if you are lucky to find such, you best interest is to pick what you need at this best possible time from that moment, as anything could take away the property from that moment. in taking this stuffs you don’t have to speak with the owner, it has already been offered to the public.

Secondly, there are some sites where people advertise what they want to give away, on this sites stuffs are advertised with their picture(s) displayed. You can’t imagine the likes of stuffs you may find on this site, almost everything is possible, but don’t expect too much as other users are also on the lookout as much as you do. To get this stuffs all that is required of you is to register on this site them you can visit there shows where most of this stuffs are displayed, if you find what you like or need, then you can write a message to the owner of such property indicating you interest to get the stuff, most likely the webpage will have an interface in which you can write your message. The owner of the stuff will in most cases reply you and tell you if the stuff is still available and the possible way to pick it up, though picking it may cost you some money, I if you are picking up a stuff like a big mattress in which case you may not be able to transport with the tram then you many have to get a taxi or even arrange with the owner of the stuff if he or she has a car then you guys can still do business of transporting the stuff. Important to note is that most furniture can be dismantled and assembled so, furniture like shelves and beds are no night mares for transport , you can visit the this site,




FLOHMART in Germany

The third and the last way, The Flohmarkt  (Flea market); the flohmarkt is a market in which used stuff are sold at give away prices. A flea market is a market in the original sense, are used by individuals to dispose off their used items. Its name came from the flea market late medieval clothes gifts of the princes. Once left to the people who traded with synthesis clothes. So here the occasional flea changed the host. The professionally organized flea markets are usually in a much smaller scale than the traditional flea markets instead. The sale offering is made – oft inferior – New and professionals of offered goods.

The flohmarkt widespread in Germany around Nursery schools, youth centers or parishes organize, items like kids stuff, baby equipment, children’s clothing, toys and children’s books, and household materials are sold. These services are used by large segments of the population, in order to limit their expenditure.

The flohmarkt, are only opened twice in a week and occasionally during the weekend, items in this market are sold at a very reduced rate and are very affordable. the venue of this market changes so it best to check online for the venues especially for your town as it exist in almost all major cities in Germany.




  • Offers of accommodation, information on prices and furnishing can be found on the websites of the local Studentenwerke.
  • Living at a student dorm – An Illustrated Dictionary
    German-English-Chinese (PDF 8,39 MB)
  • More on the subject of housing offers for students with disabilities and chronic illness


If you would like to register for a room or an apartment in student accommodation you should contact your local Studentenwerk directly! Your contact at the Studentenwerk is the housing administration.

On the website of the Studentenwerke you will find actual offers of accommodation, registration deadlines and procedures. They also offer other services on the subject of housing, among other things online forms for registration, information on student accommodation, photos and site plans.

Make sure nothing goes wrong

  • Start your search for accommodation early!
  • Ask whether the room is furnished or unfurnished!
  • Ask about bedding and towels!
  • If possible, do not arrive at the weekend or late at night. If you have no other choice, inform your Studentenwerk/place of accommodation in advance so that they can arrange for you to receive the keys.
  • If, on arrival, you still do not have any accommodation, go to your Studentenwerk as quickly as possible. They often have emergency accommodation available at the beginning of term.

 It is very comforting to know that there always exist a room for everyone, the task which must be fulfilled is finding it, performing this task now varies for everyone but the platforms are available and same for everyone, It all depends on you!

You are welcome

Ojo Ayokunnumi



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