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Ketekete Magazine (Magazine for Africans and friends) inspires and entertains. A time spent reading Ketekete Magazine is never a time wasted.

Ketekete Magazine features inspiring stories, it showcases African heritage, art and culture. It is original, authentic and the first of it’s kind in Germany. We Love Ketekete Magazine.


Ketekete Magazine third issue

Ketekete Magazine third issue


Ketekete Magazine second issue

Ketekete Magazine second issue



Ketekete magazine launching photo

Cover Page: The first edition of Ketekete Magazine features a young Maasai man. This young man is the first son of a Maasai king in a small village located between Tanzania and Kenya. The African’s story can never be well documented by anybody other than the Africans. Thus we present to you the Maasai tribe of Kenyans, please read more on page 10 of the first edition.

Editorial staff: Animashaun Olatunji Onimama, Nurudeen DayoKeemholems Ojei, and Adetunji Afolabi.

Contents: The first edition contains 25 inspirational and entertaining articles/stories/graphics/pages inspired by Africans and friends. It features 4 true life stories that are yet to have an end, 1 article about a good course of helping African orphanage children, 4 interviews of Africans that are doing great things and helping other Africans to grow and prosper, 1 article about Nelson Mandela (The man with many lives), 1 article about the Maasai tribe of Kenya, and the summary about the magazine.

To The Best Dad In The World. This edition is dedicated to late Alhaji Isaac Nurudeen, the father of the founder.

First edition Intro Video: The video was viewed over 10,000 times in the first 2 days of posting it on Facebook. A big thanks to everybody that supported the course of making this magazine not just a dream but to become a reality.