Mysterious Customer Ran Away With My Money – Kumba Afro Hair

By Dayo August 22, 2014 23:32

Mysterious Customer Ran Away With My Money – Kumba Afro Hair

Last week Saturday “16-08-2014”, a mysterious customer visited Kumba Afro Hair Salon in Bremen, Germany. Guess what happened next?

“The lady arrived around 10:00 o-clock in the morning and asked for my service, but I told her that I was fully booked and offered her to come back the following day. This lady refused my offer and started to beg me to help her make her hair. She said she can’t make it the following day because she has an appointment somewhere else.” -Kumba

To cut the long story short, this lady waited till around 16:00 o-clock in the evening for Kumba to finish with her daily appointments. She told Kumba she wanted a weave on natural hair which cost more or less 30.00EUR, and offered to pay little bit more than the fixed cost of making a weave on hair style.

As a business woman, Kumba agreed to help.

“I just had to help her, because she waited so long and looked like a responsible person. I didn’t know she meant bad. After I fixed her hair and brought out the beauty in her, she left her bag on the table and told me she needs to run to her boyfriend for the money, she said her boyfriend was waiting in a car parked right behind the salon. I allowed her to go for the money which was over 50.00EUR” – Kumba


These photos was taken by Ketekete Magazine when we visited Kumba Afro Hair Salon. It shows the contents of the bag the lady left behind. It’s now almost a week and she neither contacted Kumba nor go to the salon to settle her bills.


This is the photo of her bag hanging freely at the Salon, anybody can visit Kumba Afro Hair Salon to see the bag the mysterious lady left behind. “Please come and pay your bills and pick up your handbag” – Kumba


To be continue…….

Dear readers, what do you suggest Kumba should do in order to get her money from this lady? 



By Dayo August 22, 2014 23:32

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