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“Smile, be kind to strangers, especially if they’re rude to you first. Or donate to a cause you care about.” Those are the words of this beautiful Nigerian queen. She is young, beautiful, and talented. She has decided to donate are winning prize which is the sum of €500 (Fine hundred Euro) to a charity project of her choice. Ladies and gents, we are talking about this amazing Miss Asana Alice Mohammed the Miss Nigeria Germany 2013/14 Winner.

Sana Alice Moh (Miss Nigeria Germany 2013/14)

“NIGERMAN CARE is not only about showing love to our senior citizens in old peoples´ Home and special houses, but it is also about showing care for the elderly and the weak in our society which is deeply rooted in the Nigerian/African culture. That is part of my project and I am inviting you all to support me on this. The next senior citizen may be your mother, father or your relations.” She said.

NIGERMAN care charity logo

MNG 2013/14 Winner Prizes

  1. Cash prize
  2. Return flight to Nigeria to attend a project of her choice (valued at €1300)
  3. Participation in ECOWAS Fashion show 2013 *organizers requirement included
  4. The next cover page; African Heritage Magazine Germany
  5. Official support for NIGERMAN CARE charity project or any project of her choice

Miss Asana Alice Mohammed (20) was also one of the top candidates at DSDS 2011. She hails from Delta state, while her mum hail from Sapele and her father from Northern Nigeria. Presently she resides in Nedersachen, Germany. Her dreams are to support charity projects related to children, women, and Nigerian adults living in adults homes all across Germany.

Her message to Nigerians at large

“I wish all Nigerians would live together as a unified people and country. Being a product of inter- religious parents myself, It is my wish that everyone respect and accept one another regardless of tribe, religion, age or creed.)”

Below is her Message to fellow Nigerians after she was crowned:

“I want to thank everybody once again for their support. I am so proud to be called Miss Nigeria Germany and to be representing my Home Country here in Germany. It has always my dream to be a Miss and the Lord has made my dream come true. I would also like to thank all the beautiful contestants, it was a great time with you queens. It takes a lot of confident to take part at such an event, for me, we are all Queens and Miss Nigeria. I will give my best to represent my country and want to be a role model for young Nigerian teenagers. May God bless you all.
Your Sincerely
Sana Alice Moh (Miss Nigeria Germany 2013/14)”



By Dayo October 2, 2013 20:09

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