THE RACE and THE CAKE – by Michael Davies

By Dayo September 30, 2014 16:17

THE RACE and THE CAKE – by Michael Davies

From the very beginning, it is advisable not to attach too much emotion that can enslave your sense of reasoning when checking on the distance if you want to get to reach the finish line earlier.

Making this race, you need a faith that can make you believe. But the question is do you have this faith?
The more reason why many people cannot get to the finish line is simply because they sometime lose their faith and stop believing in themselves.michael davies


Some of them will give up right at the middle because somebody they have categorized as a weak contestant has overtaking them and they get so jealous that they will hate and get disappointed in themselves.

Some will give up when closing up to the finish line because they just lost their jobs that they thought was the best, not knowing that it is just one application standing between them and their fortune(finishing line)

“Every man has different endurance ability and every man can make this race; my father has always emphasized. It doesn’t matter what track or how far you run but all that matters are the start and how well you get there. Which means crawling is allowed but only when you know you cannot run or walk like others”

I would laugh each time he repeats this sentence but he really meant it and that was why he tried as much as possible to impact this lesson in my head before he was killed. As if he knew I will be finding the race tough.

“Why should I join the race and where am I running to?” I stupidly asked my Dad in the middle of his lecture. He shook his head in disappointment because he has been talking all day and I am still not getting it.

My Daddy said listen Son:-
“God baked a very big cake for all mankind and he placed the cake behind the finishing line, so everybody has to find a way to get there either by hook or by crook”.

Then I stupidly throw another question for the second time that made my Dad wondered what kind of a child I was;
“Can’t I just walk at my own convenient time since the cake is meant for all mankind and will sure be shared equally so I can pick up my own portion when i reach the cake?”

My Daddy shouted:-
“No Son! You will have to run like the others. You must be Strong, Watchful, Smart and Decisive because some people will want to get there earlier only in order to get the best portion. Some people who think they are stronger will want take advantage and of your weakness, they might even steal your portion right before your very eyes.” “It is a greedy world!” He explained….

“You will find running mates, friends, partners, wife, husband etc. Some will push, pull or boost speed. Don’t allow them to influence your speed if your mind, soul and body don’t fully accept them.

Don’t be scared to lose them if you are too slow or too fast for their liking because you will surely find someone running in your pace at the end of the day that will suit your person. You will know this person from the very first minute and you will both be speaking one language to support each until the finishing line”

But honestly speaking I couldn’t understand him until I lost him 16 years ago.
And today, I can see life through the eyes of my father and I guess I am making it work because his absence gives me strength to fight through realities of Life’s race



By Dayo September 30, 2014 16:17

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