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As a Sierra Leonean Born Nigerian musician, Michael spent a part of his life in the jungle while fighting as a soldier. The ten years of civil war in Sierra Leone has left nothing but a big trace in his lyrics, vibes and ways of life. He is now seen performing in Pubs, open air festivals and private concerts. One could see him occasionally on the street of Bremen and Hamburg passionately entertaining his fans.

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Davies separated from Upper Mission immediately after the release of their first album in March 2013, and that has really inspired him in songs like UNBORN CHILD, GERMAN GIRL and CAN‘T YOU SEE, although the songs were already written before the break-up but fortunately didn’t witness a band presentation, he said. “For some reasons, the band became an institution where one has to someday graduate and that notion has speedily elevated my music know-how. At a time, I felt my taste and urge for something new; Some sounds with my signature for the new Age. it was time to go out there and work with other musician in promoting the same passion“.

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“think my problem is that I love the street so much because that is where I grew up as a fighter and i have decided to help, reach and impact the people directly with the message in my music. That is my priority!!!. Nevertheless, I did enjoy every bit of my time with the band and I am open to working with them when need be“

Skilled musicianship is well crafted and can be easily discerned from that which is not. It is very easy to tell that Michael Davies is a talented musician that is skilled on a physical instrument such as a guitar, drums or voice. Michael has never written a bad song. He is creating a remarkable body of recordings that makes his reservoir of music look like an encyclopedia.

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The Funky track “ALENA” is said to be loved by listeners and fans. With a unique flavor of ear catching dance and Afro melody. Alena is with little or no effort maneuvering it way into the International music mainstream. It is clearly an era of freestyle-urban music and Michael is relentlessly dropping it hot. The new dance room music with a pronounced atlantic touch and it mixed origins incorporated influences from the West Coast of Africa and Western Europe as the case may be.

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By Dayo November 22, 2013 18:44

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